About Me

Photography was always an interest of mine. I was introduced to photography when I was a sophomore in high school. My photography teacher had a “tough love” attitude which enabled me to strive towards perfection. She taught me how to compose a picture as well as process and edit my photographs. Although I use a digital camera now, I first learned how to take pictures on an old Canon A1 35mm Film Camera and processed all my photos in a dark room. I was particularly interested in taking pictures of people. There was something about taking a picture of someone and portraying an emotion... love.... curiosity... excitement... passion... That’s when I realized I not only loved photography but for the most part photographing people. I went on to take classes my junior year, senior year and even in college. It is always the best feeling when you can do something you love and at the same time create something unique and special for someone else to love :)

My family is my world; I have the most wonderful husband who is so supportive, two beautiful daughters, and my sisters and parents are my biggest fans! 

My Family Photos

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